This Saturday, Oct. 13, the Jenks Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation will host the 16th annual Art on Main festival to celebrate the best in art, wine and music on Main Street Jenks. 

Festival vendor Halle Brucks will display various works, including her photography and original digital paintings as well as other traditional work done in ink. 

Brucks, a current high school student, has been drawing as a hobby since elementary school. During her transition to middle school, she began taking her work more seriously. 

“Art became an inspiration and passion for me over the years,” Brucks said. “I drew almost every day and still do now!” 

Due to her commitment to learning new techniques and delving into her style every day, Brucks says her work has evolved very quickly. 

A few exciting moments that have contributed to Brucks’ growth and experience as an artist—from delivering her first commissioned piece and making new friends on social media for collaboration projects to winning first prize in the 2017 NatureWorks state-wide competition for student conservation art—she has many fond memories to look back on. 

Brucks encourages other young artists to draw, doodle and sketch as much as they can. She advises making birthday or thank you cards and recommends drawing family members, pets and favorite characters for practice. 

“It doesn’t matter if you think you’re good or bad, because there is no real good or bad in the art world,” Brucks said. “Follow your passion.” 

See examples of Brucks’ work below. View more of her work as well as diverse works from all vendors at Art on Main this weekend. Festival hours are 4-9 p.m.