Barkwest is open! Visit us at 990 West 101st Street South, Jenks.

Special thanks to our donors who made this possible:

Big Dog Sponsor


Gold Donors


Jenks Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation

Mike Wallace Family



Friends of the Park

Joshua Austin, Kiwanis Club of Jenks America, Karla Hilst, Thomas Bennett III, Cecil’s Tire and Automotive, Linda Bull, Robert Lee, Leona Ball, More than a dozen small donors


Major Donors


The Mike Sharp Family

Silver Donors

Jenks Lions Club | Trena Thomas | Margaret Bowen

Marellie Robinson | Dr. Stacey Butterfield | Tulsa Federal Credit Union

Kevin and Carol Ferrell | Sundance Kid Spradling

Trevor and Michelle Bridges | Mike Fretz | Lonnie Sims

Angie Rains | Frank Robards