Continuing our series spotlighting our 2022 Board of Directors, next up is past chair Rob Loeber.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

“I’m inspired by my dad. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen him have a bad day. He is always positive and seeking opportunities to serve others. Not only did he set an incredible example for me of how to be a husband and father, he demonstrated how to prioritize faith and family above all else.

I think you would have a hard time finding anyone who has a bad word to say about my dad. It sounds cliché, but in his case, it’s absolutely true. He is genuinely the best person I know, and I’m just trying to be half the man he is. Honorable mention to my mom who happens to be amazing and hilarious.

Also, I’m in complete awe of Roger Federer. I’m his biggest fan. A lot of people say that, I really mean it. If I met Roger, I would be rendered completely speechless and make an absolute fool of myself in what would be one the greatest moments of my life. Minus the 20 grand slam trophies, impeccable serving form, and the most beautiful one-handed backhand of all-time, our tennis styles and career stats are very similar. I like to think we’d be best friends.

Greatness aside, Roger exudes class and humility. I love the way he carries himself, conducts interviews, and uses his platforms to make the world a better place. He’s the coolest. I’m done being a fan boy now.”

What is the best advice you’ve received?

“This is a tough one. My dad told me to always wear a tie to job interviews. That one has stuck with me. During our engagement, a counselor once told my wife and I that we were a ticking time bomb. Now we’re nine years into our marriage with three kids so I guess we’re still ticking. It will go down as one of the strangest and most hilarious things anyone has ever said to me.

Like everyone else out there, most of the good advice I get comes from Twitter. I saw this the other day: ‘95% of success is learning to cherish the journey on the path of monotonous consistency.’ This resonated with me. Sometimes I have trouble finding the joy and the beauty in the day-to-day routine. I always want to appreciate the little things while on the climb to the bigger goals and dreams.”

Why did you decide to serve on the Chamber board?

“I want to be invested in the place I call home. My wife and I both work for the school district. We want all three of our kids to be Jenks lifers. This is where we chose to put down roots and raise our family.

I care about the success of this community, and serving with the Chamber has allowed me to meet so many people who care about this place in the same way. It has given me so much pride to learn about our thriving businesses and hear the vision of our Chamber staff, as well as our civic leaders.

I sincerely believe in the mission of the Jenks Chamber and the value the Chamber adds to our community. I wanted to play a small part in setting up Chamber employees for success. Thanks to their dedication, Jenks is well-positioned for many years to come to be a place where opportunities are plentiful and the quality of life continues to improve.”

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