The Jenks Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has voted to endorse passage of the Vision for Jenks proposal on April 5.

Vision for Jenks is the City of Jenks’ proposal to renew the Vision 2025 sales tax currently collected by Tulsa County. The Jenks proposal will fund a number of projects in Jenks, including the city’s share of the south Tulsa/Jenks low water dam.

“Vision for Jenks is an opportunity to make key investments in our community,” said chamber chair Craig Bowman. “From the Arkansas River to neighborhood street maintenance, sidewalks and park improvements, Vision for Jenks builds a better Jenks without raising taxes.

“I encourage all Jenks residents to vote yes on Tuesday, April 5.”

The package includes funding for the dam, related trails and a pedestrian bridge over the dam and a number of shoreline improvements.

Vision for Jenks also includes creating and funding of a neighborhood road maintenance program, sidewalk construction, engineering and right of way for widening Elm Street south of 111th St., construction of a splash pad at Veterans Park and road reconstruction on First and Seventh Streets.

Passage of Vision for Jenks will, which will assess 5.5/10 of a cent, will not result in an increase in taxes as the current Vision 2025 tax is 6/10 of a cent.

The chamber also endorsed passage of Tulsa County’s Vision program, which will collect 5/100 of a cent over 15 years.

The two packages add up to Vision 2025’s 6/10 cent.

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