Living with worry and anxiety during an uncertain time

Well, it certainly goes without saying we are in uncertain times.  Many of us are working from home, working on the front line, and/or finding ourselves without a job!  There are some things we can do to help ourselves and our loved ones during this time.


This is a contemporary word that we are now using that sounds pretty mysterious and foreign to some, really it is about staying in the moment.  Worry is caused by thinking about future events, something over which we have no control.  We do have control over today.  Stay with today, focusing on what you can control.  For example, handwashing and social distancing are things we can decide to do now and in doing so we are assisting in preventing the spread of the virus.  However, thinking ahead, what is going to happen, will I get sick, will my family get sick?  This type of future thinking causes worry and anxiety and often makes us feel more alone and out of control.


It is important to maintain some sort of schedule from day to day.  Get out of bed in the morning (no not the afternoon:).  Upon arising take some time to decide what you need to accomplish that day.  Have some coffee/tea, whatever is comforting to you and then get dressed.  Set out to do what you have planned.  Take breaks, maybe even a movie break (with popcorn of course), and then return to your tasks.  We are humans, we feel better when we achieve something, does not have to be big, can be really small, but part of your plan TODAY.

Fresh Air and Move

Go outside and take a walk.  It doesn’t cost anything, and you will be safe.  Maybe put your air pods in and walk to music and/or podcasts.  Monitor your steps with your phone and try to increase your steps each day until you are walking at least 30 minutes a day.  You will feel better and your body will thank you.

Stay Connected

We live in a world today that provides us with tools to stay connected to those we love and care about without being in the same physical space.  As humans we are hard-wired for connection.  Reach out to someone several times a day and remember you might be the one person helping them stay connected TODAY.  Lack of connection will leave us socially isolated and alone which leads us right back to the worry and anxiety trap.

Stay Balanced

It is important to spend some of your time doing all of the above, not just pick and choose what you want to do.  The good thing about this current state of affairs is you are not alone.  We are all in it together and we really need each other right now!

If you need professional help, call us, we are doing teletherapy, from our house to yours. Visit WeThrive Counseling Center in Jenks’ website or call 918-709-4841.

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