Jenks city leaders unveiled a request for proposal to redevelop a large parcel of land in the city’s downtown.

The 4.2-acre tract was formerly owned by the Tulsa City-County Library, which sold the property to the city in early 2021.

“Staff has been hard at work preparing this RFP,” Jenks Mayor Cory Box said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime redevelopment opportunity and we’re very excited to release this and explore the private sector’s ideas.”

Box said the ideal development for the land is a mixed-use development that includes retail, restaurants, office and residential uses.

Chamber President Josh Driskell addressed the opportunity to reshape the gateway to downtown Jenks.

“This is the largest piece of developable land in downtown Jenks since the city’s founding in the early 1900s,” Driskell said. “This is an important opportunity for the future of downtown and the future of Jenks’ economic development.”

The project is located on Main Street between Birch St. and a railroad line that runs parallel to First St.

In addition to being a mixed-use project, other goals include expanding the sales tax base, pursuing economically sound and sustainable development, integrating public space and encouraging walkability.

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