Jenks Mayor Robert Lee will discuss the April 7 GO Jenks bond election at the March Monthly Luncheon on March 18 at noon.

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Go Jenks funds four critical projects: 

1. Widen South Elm, Build Trails (111th to 131st) Expand South Elm to 5 lanes and add trails, extending pedestrian access to the city’s southern edge. This will provide much-needed traffic relief. 

2. Engineer Elwood (91st to 96th; 111th to 121st) As Jenks prepares to widen and add trails to parts of Elwood, there are stretches that still need to be planned. This is the next step toward finishing Elwood. 

3. Improve Main Street (Elm to Downtown) Fix stormwater drainage, add sidewalks, and beautify this important entrance to our Downtown. 

4. Engineer 106th Street (Elm to River District) With only one access point to the Outlet Mall area, we need to plan for another way in and out. This will alleviate traffic and generate additional sales tax revenue. 

Cost for members to attend is $15 and $20 for non-members. RSVPs will be accepted through Monday, March 16, by 4 p.m.