Local business owner, Mitchell Sims, presented a new software product, PigTracks, to students at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT). The Pipeline Integrity Technology program at OSUIT enables students to develop skills needed in the changing pipeline industry.

“It was an honor to present PigTracks to this great group of up and coming pipeline professionals,” Sims commented.

PigTracks is the first of its kind to bring cloud-based collaboration and productivity to the pipeline pigging industry.

“The new generation of pipeline professionals are going to expect more technology, so getting the students feedback is essential to PigTracks success,” Sims said.

About PigTracks: PigTracks is a cloud-based pipeline pigging platform helping pipeline operators increase collaboration and productivity with their service providers. Features include online/offline capabilities, real-time maps, pig tracking, drivelines, and much more. Discover more at pigtracks.co. PigTracks is owned by Nesso Services a subsidiary of Nesso Companies. Learn more at nessocompanies.com