Kay Greer, owner of the Blue Cottage

If you drive down A Street in Jenks, you will notice an eclectic Victorian-style baby blue house known as the Blue Cottage.

Owner Kay Greer built the house as a tea cup restaurant in 1987. She wanted an antique looking building to fit in with the antique atmosphere of downtown Jenks. During her years managing the site as a tea room she catered events, hosted weddings, rehearsals and parties.

The site was a tea room for 17 years before converting to a complete event center.

Greer enjoyed planning weddings and wanted to offer her 1,000 square feet of intimate space for events year-round. The location offers easy parking and accessibility to create a stress free environment during your big day or party.

In addition to a quaint indoor atmosphere, the site has a beautiful outdoor garden which can be rented for events as well.

The Blue Cottage offers a variety of services and specific packages to cater to your needs and your special event. Greer is an experienced party planner who enjoys interacting with her guests and clients.

Interior of the Cambridge Room at the Blue Cottage

The Blue Cottage is a premier location for showers, weddings, corporate events, family gatherings, andmore and is located just off Main Street near downtown Jenks.

The house has been in existence for nearly 26 years and hopes to remain a unique Jenks destination for weddings, parties, and events for many more years to come.

Book your next event at the Blue Cottage:

409 E. A Street
Jenks, OK 74037