Oklahoma State University recently invited Mitchell Sims, owner of PigTracks, to speak at the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship within the Spears School of Business.

Marc Tower, Executive Director of the Riata Center, invites entrepreneurs to the program weekly to share their failures and successes with students.

Sims shared lessons learned, including building a strong support network and persevering through tough times. Sims shared his entrepreneurial journey covering both the good and the bad while developing the software platform PigTracks. The students’ questions ranged from ‘How to handle difficult employees?’ to ‘Building products consumers love.’ 

Sims expressed his excitement to see the number of students interested in starting their own business as entrepreneurs.

“It’s important that we are both honest and encouraging when advising our future entrepreneurs. Starting a business is the most challenging and rewarding endeavor one can pursue,” said Sims.

PigTracks is a cloud-based pipeline pigging platform helping pipeline operators and service companies increase productivity and collaboration during pipeline integrity projects. Features include online/offline capabilities, real-time maps, pig tracking and more. 

Learn more at www.pigtracks.co. PigTracks is owned by Nesso Services Inc.

The Riata Entrepreneurship Center is the catalyst for entrepreneurial education, support and outreach for Oklahoma State University students, faculty, staff and alumni and the state of Oklahoma.

In collaboration with the Department of Entrepreneurship, Spears School of Business, the OSU VP of Research and a community of on and off-campus partners, the Riata Entrepreneurship Center strives to deliver high-quality experiential learning activities in and out of the classroom, startup support and valuable networking and funding opportunities for anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit.

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