The United States Postal Service, in response to concerns from the City of Jenks and Jenks residents, is conducting a survey of Jenks residents living in Jenks city limits but with Sapulpa, Bixby and Tulsa addresses to change the ZIP codes of these areas to 74037, Jenks’ ZIP code.

It is important that affected citizens fill out their surveys and return them ASAP to the United States Postal Service once the survey is received.

For more information about this, click the links below or contact Chris Shrout or Robert Bell at the City of Jenks at or (918) 299-5883.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the ZIP code change affect my child’s school district?
A: No. The ZIP only changes the mailing address (municipality and ZIP code).

Q: Will the ZIP code change affect my property taxes?
A: No. The ZIP change will have no effect on property taxes paid by the property owner. The only change will be the mailing address. If the change is approved, you will have one year to change all checks, bills, etc. to the new ZIP code.

Q: I haven’t received a survey. Why not?
A: If you live in the areas affected by the ZIP code review, you should receive a survey from the United States Postal service in the next one to two weeks. The City of Jenks has mailed out an informational flyer on the ZIP code issue (a link to it is contained on this page). No survey is included with the city’s informational brochure.