Prepare yourself for a lunch full of humor, good food, and great company at our luncheon featuring local comedian Chris Munch. This luncheon is made possible by Andy b’s and will take place at the Hive on December 13th at noon. Chris is a multi-talented actor, comedian, and writer. For over 20 years he has been performing in front of cameras and live audiences alike. Whether in front of thousands at his home church’s legendary live Christmas shows or literally millions with YouTube videos like the “Dad Life”, he loves bringing laughter and joy to audiences. He’s the creator of the unsettling, yet hilarious, personas “Stephen Stephens” and “Ricky Rhodes”, as well as the good hearted southern minister “Pastor Bobby”. His characters have millions of views and over 100k followers on social media.

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*All Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to event